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I am in Dover Tennessee. Ji... 30 02/29
I have moved to the Dover Tennessee area.. Ji... 34 01/07
Anyone HERE??? lovelylo... 357 01/30
Favorite Quotes Venusi... 74 11/10
The Perils of being a Man in this Society dava44... 122 09/01
any tall women in Kansas.. I live in Stockton ... Ji... 73 08/17
Instant Coffee JDRi... 42 07/28
make it work JDRi... 47 06/09
Patience JDRi... 37 06/04
What matters JDRi... 44 05/23
Hello~ lovesbigfe... 88 04/30
Rest JDRi... 37 12/04
Show Horse JDRi... 52 11/24
Wet feet JDRi... 113 10/21
Music JDRi... 42 09/11
Perspective JDRi... 56 09/10
Is Image everything? JDRi... 100 08/31
Panic JDRi... 93 08/12
Colt McCoy & Nike jordan Shipley College of ... SpencerHuggi... 45 07/06
Numbers JDRi... 87 05/29
Touring by bike JDRi... 40 05/28
quicksand JDRi... 61 05/13
March Madness oceann... 97 03/21
Happy St Patrick's Day VA_mpi... 58 03/15
Self-Realization SpaceGoo... 153 01/15
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