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Tall gentle giant is searching for his soul mate

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1 year ago
Are there any attractive very tall women on this site'who still believe in family,and family values.Im a caucasian man 42 6'10" searching for that special lady.if your out there.please write me.take care,and sweet dreams,rob
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Yeah, attached to someone AND trying to find another.  Don't like the current flavor?  Sorry, but having had that happen To me, I'm not a fan of anyone who will do that to their partner.  I'd rather remain divorced.

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A married guy looking for someone with "family values".

Hmmmmmm.....maybe needs to try a little of that "family values" kinda thing at home...which would include NOT trolling for women while still married, but instead doing everything he can to be the kind of guy a woman would want to stay married TO.
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MsTall1963, With all due respect, don't hold your breath; he's still married.
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Hi Rob,
How are you? Im Patti from CT and Im 43 yrs old and yes I do believe in family and family values. I have 3 children. Im 6ft 2 and looking for a very tall man.
Where are you from? I hope to hear from you.
Thank you and good night