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The Perils of being a Man in this Society

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Today.. and this year is a landmark year for me, I visited Asia for the first time and got meet feminine women.. I came back and went 'Oh wow! these women seem like men now!'




Here's an example.. that has happened to me personally.. I'm a human being.. I was walking down a street while there, I almost tripped on a curb, my eyes darted around and 2 women who did not know and hadn't spoken to, had a quick expression of concern on their face that I might fall over. Here.. if I fall over, as humans do from time to time and a woman (this happened to me in my twenties, I don't make a habit of it) .. I get a look of derision. What has gone wrong?? Where are the women who actually respected and cared for men?? they vanished long ago.. a myth these days..like watching an old Jason and the Argo movie. 




Submission.. that's what's missing. I don't mean the kinky kind.. I mean for men it's about respect. Striving for respect is in a man's nature.. not a woman's. When you read that and if you just thought 'yes! it's in a women's nature' .. then already you're lost.. grow a set, and pay for your GF's enhanced surgery.  That sounds dismissive.. so I offer the proof of what I say.


Did you ever hear you mother calling your father a rude name? That hurt him more than he can describe.. not just because she did that, because even married couples sometimes fight or be rude to each other, it's normal. But because she did it in front of the children. His humiliation was something akin to..finding out his daughter slept with many men.. something in that region but not quite as bad. But in the 'Top 5'.. 




Did he buy her flowers, tell her she's pretty.. open his heart in secret to her? then she can at least keep quiet until they have some time alone to have the fight! She can at least not say bad things to him in front of his friends or snipe him in the back to her friends.. that's what her sister-in-law is for.. not 'strangers' outside the family. She can at least cover up her cleavage in front of his family. .. but don't get me started on all that.. married women dressing like they are still single! ooft!




If you believe in the natures of human beings.. evolution.. by rights he should have badly beaten her for this great humiliation in front of *his* child.. (women forget that I think that he has a bond to them too...) To express the hurt she made him feel. but we are civilized (to clarify.. being Scottish, men don't hit women here and vice versa .. it's borderline taboo.. unless you're a heroin addict). She should give him the respect he already earned from her. yes earned. He put the time in with her. The children got fed. The roof was kept above the heads. You could say 'ah many women can do this now!' and you'd be right.. so then for men there is now NO incentive to maintain a family.. because of THAT attitude.. and the children start out from a broken home. Why not just sleep around?? Do what you like to women and leave? There was a good reason women behaved the way they did.. to tie a man down was important! So she made flipping sure she gave him the respect he had already earned from her.




That was her submission to him.. not some machination of him disrespecting her! It's pure fantasy! taught to girls when they are little that every man they meet is doing something to them, as adults they are left with the vague sense that they are being disrespected without understanding what the interaction is.




A feminine woman knows how to compromise.. it is not sex that is the weapon.. but her thoughts on him. If she has put in the work already.. he will *actually* care about her facial expressions and not just be blank to her inside. He CARES about the investment of respect he has in her heart!!




But all of this Western women will never see again!! because feminism teaches women 'it's okay to be selfish, it's okay to be wrong and declare you are right.. and even when proven wrong.. it's okay because you can say you're a women and he should not try to hurt you' .. did I just describe the definition of relationship injustice??




Men here now.. are so close to wearing womens clothing just to please women it's crazy. they pretend and over-pretend to be 'the nice guy' that much that women are having a hard time having a good sex life with them.. because they remind them too much of other women.. their hormones ordered a man!! not a sissy.. who is too scared to lay down the truth and be themselfs!


Do you feel is if I was dominant in my words? good. I'm a man.. pleased to meet you!

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1 year ago
I was in Ojeda, Venuzuela in 2006, on assignement.  I was eating at a McDonald's, just so I could say I did it.  A woman had a child in arms and was holding a bag of McDonald's food in her hand.   She was having difficulty opening the door to leave the resturant.   I happened to be leaving at the same time, so I opened the door and held it open so she could exit.  Outside, she put her child in a stroller, said thank you in spanish, then put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.  When would that ever happen here?
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I'm glad you shared:

1. Respect is a two way street reguardless of who is bringing home the bacon, cooking it, servicing it and cleaning up the after party.  Lack of respect is what has changed Western World to the imbalanced relationships of women and men.  Respecting is being sure no one is talked to poorly in front of the kids.


2. There is an overwhelming amount of men that are "feminized" but that is because a lot of fathers have dropped the ball.


3. In a capitalistic society the name of the game is use all available resources (humans) to build wealth.  Simply put that's what has given women more power to choose what they will and won't tolerate.  Frankly, some men don't know how to handle power so they don't deserve to sit in a spot to lead a family.