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True love/Physical traits

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What is true love? To me, it is when two people accept each other for their strengths and weaknesses. Neither of them cares about physical features such as height difference, ethnicity, what school they went to, or how much money they make. They are both respectful, honest, loyal, and can easily trust each other. They both discuss things rather than argue; they try to solve problems together rather than blame; they encourage instead of degrade each other.
Being taller does not mean someone is more "masculin" and vice versa. In fact, in true love, the two people do not let society dictate what is "masculin" and "feminin". There's nothing wrong with a female being the knight, like this isn't the Middle Ages anymore.
Sadly, I have had bad experiences in the past regarding loyalty and honesty, but I still do believe true love is out there. Remember, one bad experience does not mean your future experiences will be the same. Do not blame the whole tree for one bad apple. Give everyone a chance!
What does true love mean to you? I want to hear your thoughts.