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Someone commented that some things are probably harder for tall people than for shorter ones.  I guess that may be true, keeping balance on a horse for one thing just seems more of a challenge when there is more leverage working against us.  The thing about this comment that felt so strange was the "tall" angle.  I've only been riding horses for five years, and I would have thought it would be harder to start at such a late date instead of as a kid.  And this is where we begin...

Quite a few of us have gone to school, or started careers that we've stuck with for ages, and have seen life as a series of hurdles to overcome toward a goal.  In the end though, what really made a difference in our lives?  Was it that first car, the job interview you've always wanted, clothing or shoes or house of our dreams?  What about the family and social obligations that have set our lives in motion to places where we would have never imagined?

I would almost be tempted to say "none of the above" to most of this.  The car you've dreamed of has either rusted away by now, or been out of reach anyway.  The people we know and trust come into our lives, and eventually leave.  The perfect job never really existed, but in our mind, and only from the outside.  The same could be said of most things that we "want", but in the having they tend to tarnish and we seem never to be satisfied. 

Our lives are more than the things we own, or places we've been in life, or our income and net worth.  I had the time of my life exploring the country by bike with no time constraints, no budget to work with, and not knowing day to day what I would find.  Our lives are what we make of our opportunities.

If someone had told me just a few years ago that I would be training horses I would have thought they were on something.  When you have a dream, when you take the chance to break from the routine and experience life in new ways, you can find wonder in the least expected places.  Am I too tall to ride horses for fun?  OK, maybe not in Olympic Competition, but I can do this for fun.  I'm not going to race motorcycles either, or climb Everest.  But I will wake up each morning and look for a great day.  I don't think there is a size limit to that.

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I admire your positive thinking. I hang around with people in the comedy industry, because we all think similar.