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Too tall for all

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hey all, i think we should meet at a club or a bar and take over. it will be a new trend. i live in san francisco bay area, california, usa (for those out of the country). we should pick a spot and sometimes that we go and take over. i dont know about you guys, but i hate sticking out all the time...
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1 year ago
love this idea! we should do one in every state. who is up for meeting in MA?
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To all the men and women that read this...I am a women that is 5'9" and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tall men, the taller the better for me!! If you are a tree, you are for me (my girlfriends tell me I should say that :)...But honestly, there is something to be said about being held by a man of a certain size, his strength, his large warm hands that hold yours, his large heart (usually) it can go both ways I supose...Typically I am not the tallest gal in the room, but I appreciate the height that GOD gave me and wishing that he gave me more, but I was blessed with a great personality, I guess I can't complain...

That's why I am here, to meet a good, loving TALL MAN :)

Happy Holidays to all~


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I love the comment by "Intheclouds" You go girl! I love it, I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to do just that. Last week a man actually told me "next to you I look like a little boy".......LOL, he called it not me!
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I love dancing and wearing heels and am always the tallest woman and most times tallest person in the room. I actually like standing out in the crowd, but usually dont get asked to slow dance much. Once, a man asked me to slow dance and he was tall. When we got onto the dance floor and I put my hand up to take his, he looked at the size of my hand and then stood back, looked me up and down and asked me "Are you sure you're a woman?" Infuriated and having had one too many, I reached down and grabbed his crotch asking "I was just checking to see if you are a man, cause you sure dont act like one"
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I think a bunch of tall people in an average size folk's club/bar will cause more of a spectacle! I'm 5'11 and I still get the looks and questions. I'm taller than most women I know and the same height or taller than some men.
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lol That is a great idea!!

They have something like this in Germany (just Google 'Grosse Leute' - means 'Tall People' if you're interested, not sure if the site is in English though).. They have partys every few months or so...

I'm far away in Europe, but I wish you guys who live on the same continent to manage to meet up somehow!! :)
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hi bigchocolate,
I totally understand. How about everywhere I go people asking me if I played basketball. I absolutely hate it. I was the tallest girl in my school. Let's call our club 'The Tall Empathy Club'. take care