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1 year ago
I don't believe it is intimidation as much as the uncertainty of a new and strange situation. I am 6'6" and in 55 years have not been around too many women my height. The few that came close, (6'0 to 6'3") were so far and few between, that it made me uncomfortable because I had always been the one who towered over everyone especially women. I have the same feeling of uncertainty around other men who were taller than I.
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I can tell you that I have never met a woman taller than me, but I love women who are over 6' tall. There's not near as much bending down to kiss them. When we dance, I can actually look you in the eye, instead of you staring at my chest or stomach (as with short women). But to answer your question, men in general are much more insecure about themselves than women, especially when it comes to "macho" physical statistics like height, strength, etc. So men get intimidated by taller women and don't feel as secure in their manhood.