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I do not use the chat line a lot but on the few occasions I have, I have come across a three different guys with a fetish for 'big feet'. I found it rather comical that some guys interest appears to be focused on the size feet of a lady. How come nobody has ever written a song about it 'the way you move your big feet really turns me on etc'... really so romantic, Frank Sinatra could have done a follow up to 'These boots are made for walking' with a hit about big feet. Maybe the profiles should include feet size and these guys could save themselves time and just do a search by feet size. I have this daft believe that women do not share this type of fetish with 'some men' and are unlikely to find this as a riveting topic of conversation. Is it the anonimity of the internet that allows folk to cross the barriers of good manners and good taste and feel it is OK to pursue their strange obsessions on a chat line? I believe I am reasonably open minded but some guy getting off on the size of someone's feet is a little too strange for my taste.
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Hi again lillyanne, I still call them wellies & think it would be fun to see everyone in a pair.( not quite as sexy as a kilt. But I wouldn't complain always loved sloshing around in a pair) I think rain boots is the US term. But don't quote me on that...LOL.
Well I've expressed my views on past lives & Angelina. It's my fantasy & I'm sticking too it....& Mr 33 you did share the bonnet thing...
As for sites. I'm sure they out there. This is the age of access or should I say excess.....
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Gee, I wish I had known that *feet* could be such a turn-on...I guess I should be nicer to mine...

That's it, feet, no more pointy shoes...slippers and pedicures from now on!


I always thought they were just there to make sure I didn't tip over...who knew they could be such a valuable asset in romance?

Though, I am a bit confused. Perhaps I'm just incredibly naive...but *why*? Of all the parts of the body to be attracted to...why the feet? I mean, I have nothing against feet...I'd certainly miss mine if they were gone... But I've never considered them my sexiest aspect. Unless I'm wearing *really* great shoes...

Anyone care to elucidate the matter for me?

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okay, I still don't get the foot thing... can someone explain that to my shelter self, please?

men just want pictures of feet? what do they want a woman to do with their feet?

I don't get it...

p.s. Ms. Simpley.. now that's the outfit.. OH YEAH!... :)

and Ms. Style, what are those websites?
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Hi Char
I can't imagine that your average man or woman sets out in life with the ambition to meet someone with nice feet. I kinda feel that would be bottom of most people's list of desireable traits. Anyone lucky enough to get an Angeline Jollie look alike would in my view not be too concerned about the odd bunion or corn!! However, I guess some people just seek 100%perfection. Still an Angeline with lousy feet would nevertheless look great with her wellies on (are they called wellies in USA?) The idea that the size of a ladies feet would be relevant to the attraction factor still seems a bit on the bizzare side. Interesting to know if a photo of feet would be required - maybe we should have a designated feet week on the tall site!!!!!!!
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Lillyanne, I just got a smile from a different site I'm on. The guy stated on his profile that his girl "would have lovely feet"...although most of we fems enjoy the regular pedicure...are feet really lovely,
To each his or her own. I got this picture in my head of a gal with corn's on her feet but the rest of her was a doppelganger for Angeline Jolie, Would the guy give her a miss or just have her keep her socs on, Wondering...& if we already have that notion in our head what else...
Do people actually have pic's of there feet on site. Would narrow the field, Just wondering.....
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Mr. Mad,

I finally made it back and can't help but give you a response.

It's a bit early for Halloween '07, but I may consider a "Little Bo Peep" outfit. Although I don't quite get your fascination (as Ms. Style described it best) with "ruffles and pantaloons". Mr. Mad, if it takes a Little Bo Peep outfit... I'm sure the lucky woman in your life will have one in her closet.

Sailor? Red light district? Mad? WOW, you're a legend in Chi town! I vaguely remember seeing a placard at Navy Pier about a Mad Sailor who frequented Rush Street, or was it the Levee?

Mad, thanks for the fun, it's great having you on this site!

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Hey Mad, No point in letting that go to waste.... How about a block party?, You could make the chili & we'll answer all those questions. As for how soon I would think that depends on the girls savy & if she has a good sense of humor. Happy Turkey day...
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Ms. Lovely,

Good to see you are still around..

if you consider my fetish tame, does that suggest you have a Little Bo Beep outfit? What else hangs deep in the closet?


If it wasn?t for a red light district? sailors would have no place to go.. or, do they make it the red light district.. not sure which came first? I am sure it was the sailor? :)

Watch all the movies.. Always a sailor in a shady bar in the back ground? even in Ill.. wait, esp in Ill (Great Lakes and Chicago, don?t ask me how I know)

For the rest,

My apologizes, I just don?t get the foot thing.. can someone explain that one to me, or am I the only na?ve folk?

For the record.. how many emails does it take before it is appropriate before you can talk about fetishes???? I have 30 lbs of ground beef about to go bad?

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Redhead of Style you hit on another perv question the smarmy men tend to ask... leather or lace? and what color? .... What are they thinking!

mad1995... a little surprised here at how tame your desired perv-fetish was, being that you're a worldly traveled military guy who wrestles with bears. Although, was that firsthand knowledge of the red light district?! You're far more tame compared to those men who've revealed their perv-fetish desires in their first email.
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oh, Ms. Style, please, tell me more about the black leather and heels... oh, yeah...

actually, I am more into the Little Bo Peep thing..


yes, there are freaks anywhere you go.. the internet just has access...

and no red light comes on when you get to some place you don't (or maybe) want to be...
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You may also read two blogs, i did a while back, "Death of the skirt", and "Death of the skirt two", on related topic.
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I am a 52 year old single six foot six gentleman, and thought I should put in my two cents of commentary. Foot fetishes. All I can say, is that, i read, that back in the 1800's, the ladys' ankles were considered nudity, forbidden to be seen! If those folks could be resurrected today, and see what has happened to clothing styles! I admit, that the first things I notice, or look for, are face, hair, legs(which include ankles, and feet). To me, and many men, silky, shapely legs,ankles, and feet, in feminine shoes, especially those with heels, are a work of fine art, just as much, as a deer, swan, tree, flowers. A lot of men, feel starved for seeing ladies in skirts, and dresses, as, showing some legs, at least ankles and feet. Pants are the norm , now, for gals. I know several gals, who will NOT wear a dress, or skirt, and have not worn them for decades!! That is sad, to me.
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Hi Lilyanne, Nice to hear from you again. I have to admit I was wondering about manners the other day. Being brought up in the UK Public school. Manners & protocol were ingrained in me at a very early age. As for the foot fetish thing. I believe this less that personal way of communicating has its strengths & weaknesses.We can if chose throw it all out there & see where it takes us.In general I avoid the chat lines, Am more than willing to shoot down anyone who steps over the line into pervy & try to be straight up polite. I'm a hands girl myself & secondly the smile that isn't all teeth but more a teaser for a grin. Of course brain teasers are always a plus. as for large feet. Could you imagine a gal swinging 6' with a size 34 foot. Talk about weeble wobble.
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Kudos Lilyanne for another great blog! I like your song suggestion of big feet and I think it would work great in country music. Although, Sir Mix A Lot made a rap hit with Baby Got Back and the ever popular line of "I cannot lie".

*Ahhh... I was censored with the line from Sir Mix A Lot. We're talking about pervs here and yet I can't add the popular line of "I like big bums and I cannot lie".
(Wonder if this will get censored since I used the British/Aussie term for derriere.)*

As you may already know, it's not just this site that men show their perversions. I know there are decent guys on these websites, but it's the oddball men that made a difference for me not to make contact with undesirables. I've tried doing the polite "not interested", but those are the men who won't give up the pursuit. You're right that the anonymity allows for bad manners. Maybe I have the online thing all wrong, but I look at "meeting" someone via email as though I'm meeting them in a grocery checkout line. Not only the online IM chat has given freedom for vulgarity and perversion, but also in the first or second emails. That first email is important for an introduction and first impression that someone makes to another. Would anyone ever go up to someone (in person) who you want to meet and ask about their foot size, then launch into how they like to give foot massages or to paint women's toe nails? The internet is only another vehicle to meet people, yet while typing on a keyboard many will dump the manners they've been taught long ago.