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Small ride this afternoon with the lead trainer and a client with her family.  We took the trails through the ditches, just one week after heavy rains brought down trees and mudslides.  We had already cleared the worst of the damage the week before and the trail was looking OK except for a few spots.  I found one of those when my horse stepped into a washout filled with quicksand.  He went down to his knees in the stuff and lost his feet while I rolled out of his way and let him get himself out.  No need for either of us to get hurt, and neither of us did. 

I guess we can all step into something that feels like quicksand when we loose our feet in a relationship.  It takes just one step the wrong way, one word that was unthoughtful, an act that you regret, and you're thrashing around trying to find solid ground. 

I kept hold of the reigns until my horse got on his feet, and for the rest of the ride he had the best behavior he'd shown in the one week of training.  All I did was allow him to get on his feet, but I think he appriciated my being there with him. 

I do not recomend that you get into quicksand to learn a lesson, the ride is just easier if you don't have to go there in the first place.  Having been there I can say that life did go on after this and both of us were the wiser on where we place our feet.

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I can't really recommend shakey ground in a relationship, it tears too deep into what dreams and hopes we have. 

As for the riding, I did get very lucky here when my middle child moved down from Mom's and needed a job.  The horse trainer took him on and I got to come down on weekends to "keep him company".  Actually, he had pity on me as a non-rider and would put me on a horse every weekend.  When my son moved to the cities I just kind of stayed here and kept riding.  Now I actually get to help out with the training horses and I'm enjoying every moment. 

Do I know everything I need to know about horses?  Or, do I know everything I need to know about relationships to make them work... Not by a long shot, but what I've learned about horses really does help in so many different ways.  I've learned patience, acceptance, trust, leadership and living within reasonable expectations all from training horses.   Just like people, there are active or lazy or stubborn or willing or distracted or misbehaving horses.  I've learned to pick which fights need to be had, know which ones to avoid, and be consistent with my expectations. 

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Sometimes you have to ride the shaky ground to appreciate the ones you have in your life.... nice knowing someone has your interests at heart.  I miss riding horses.... I am a little jealous...smiles