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Touring by bike

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How do you like to travel for vacation, fly, drive, bike?  RV, hotel, tent, family?

For almost 40 years I've been riding bicycles, camping or hotel along the way.  This year I'm adding a new dimention to the bike tours with a 30 year old motorcycle and some saddlebags.  Just like bicycle camping though, it's more fun to share adventures with someone. 

I had a short shake down ride, covering 400 miles over the holiday weekend.  I've worked out the kinks in rain gear and shelter, know what the bike is able to do, and what my personal limits are, and I'm ready for an adventure. 

Still, while a bike ride to the West Coast is an experience by itself, an opportunity to meet others from the tall community would be welcome.  There were a lot of riders out this weekend, but mostly those I'd passed while going the other direction.  If you are a rider and have any suggestions for destination this summer, give me an email or post it on the blogs.  Let's get out for some travel.



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June 10th or 17th, evening ride to the Western Chicago area.  I'm not sure I want to ride IN Chicago without company to keep me from getting lost.   If it's anything like Philadelphia or Minneapolis, it will be miles and miles of close packed communities where people can drive into the city but live somewhere else.  I'm NOT impressed by living in tract homes.  But what does Chicago have that makes it so irresistable to so many people?