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Age is just a number.

What about distance, or height, or income and education?


Can we be happy knowing that there could be a 20 year difference between us?  What about that income disparity?  What about that distance that seem so far when we have so many weekends apart?  What are your thoughts when the woman has a better paying job than the man, or if there are more than a 'few inches' between us when we try to see eye to eye?  This can apply to height as well as politics or religion. 

GED, PhD, MBA, BA, BS...  They're numbers too.  I've been to school, but has it been enough?  Do we speak the same language here, or is it like Latin to one of us? 

It is so hard to find someone who is  of a similar height, age and education and background.  When you add ambitions and dreams this whole process gets intimidating.  It isn't just "boy meets girl" anymore. 

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You know...I've thought the very same thing.  I think many others have too!  It seems funny that in this age of wouldn't be able to just plug preferences into a database and receive a dizzying array of perfect matches.  Instead, it seems to be practically impossible...amazing that anyone ever really finds a fit that feels just right!  I guess if and when you do...consider very blessed!!!