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Anxiety is hard to cope with.  We had our big weekend trail ride that brought horse owners in from three states.  This weekend was a good reminder that our biggest fears are those we bring with us. 


Sunday afternoon we rode up to the winery above town.  They had a long line stretched between a pole and a tractor that wasn't quite as tight with 70 horses tied to it than they had thought when it was set up.  One horse had stepped over his lead, turned several times until he wrapped his rear foot in his rope, and started to panic when his leg was caught.  One horse's problem can infect the whole group so there isn't time to wait.  When he fell to his knees in his panic we brought his head down to the ground and started to talk to him, gentle him, and free him.  But first he had to be assured that all was well.  He had to become totally helpless so that he could be freed from his greatest fear.  When his owner got him up there was a new understanding by the horse on how the rider will take care of him.


Panic can be infectious.  It can make you do things that will hurt you because your only thought is to get out of where you are.  When you realize that the other one with you is calm and knows what to do to help, it can bring your own fears under control. 

What fears do I bring with me? 
Am I too old to start a new relationship?  What kind of an age difference is too much?  How far am I willing to look for that one woman?  I've got grown children, and I don't know how a new woman will accept this?  I have an evening job, will I be available enough for her?  Do I talk too much, or not enough, or enough about the things that really matter to her/us?
So if I start to panic, tell me that it's OK and let's go on from there.

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I read this post again today.  You have a gift of words...such a deep, wise and passionate heart you seems sad that such a sentiment should be left in this lonely place.  Your spirit, your heart come right through in every word.  I hope you will find a way to touch many others with your thoughts.

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what a thoughtful message...I'm new here and that was a great first impression!  I hope there are more like you!