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Is Image everything?

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Ah, the price we pay to fit into the image we're told to have.

Go to the gym, because the celebritys like buff guys.

You have to be clean shaven, thick wavy hair, look like a movie star, at least drive a BMW or Mercedes...

Extra points if you look like the latest pop sensation?


But that's not me.  I hated school, but managed to complete a four year degree. 

I work for a living, so I don't have time to work out. 

I don't own an expensive car or two, or live in the "right" neighborhood.

And when I ask a woman for a date I have to expect that she will see me for who I am, and not compare me to the latest Hollywood sensations.  I'm not Superman or Iron Man.  I don't have mutant powers or turn invisible.  Well, maybe I am invisible ;-)  Working an evening shift does tend to put a damper on any social life.

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John, you evidently have met some very shallow women.  Your profile and blogs speak volumes of life experience, compassion, sensitivity yet down to earth honesty that is very rare.  We are what we are.   I have come to the conclusion that people can accept me as I am or not.  Life is too short to care about others narrow mindedness.    Be true to yourself!  My friends say I am brutally honest.  I also know the frustration of working erratic shifts including evenings.  Hopefully our schedules will jive sometime so we can share coffee and stories.  Celebrate TODAY!  

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Keep looking!  There is someone for everyone.  You will be excepted for who you are.  Allowing your self to "polish-up" doesn't hurt anyone.  Look for things that look good to you within the same gender and try and polish a bit.  Never hurts!  Not everyone is or can be Hollywood.  Frankly (and I lived there) I found most people I met to be fake.  Just be you and be the best you.  Stay positive and all good things will come.