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Wet feet

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I got my first horse training job this past week, working with a pair of pasture ornaments in a town along the Big River.  This has been going well too, with the usual share of adventure and thrills.  The mare doesn't like being told what to do.  The gelding is frightened of everything.  One is headstrong, the other unsure but willing to try.  Today's lesson included walking out into Lake Pepin, and in the process I ended up treading water.  What can I say, my horse DID tell me he was afraid of the waves.  After I dredged up my checkbook we started all over and managed to walk out into the waves, with water lapping up to my feet as we walked along the shore. 


Once in, the water was no longer the big fear, the unknown became more tolerable.  Just like the railroad crossing, once it was accomplished it bacame an experience to build on.   In time a horse will become confident and learn to trust the rider, just like we learn confidence and trust in each other.   We (horse and rider, or man and woman) have a long way to go before there is that level of trust.  When they see that we're going to help, and not leave them to founder on their own, it becomes easier to become partners.


I would like to build that same level of trust with my partner in life, where the both of us realize that we will never have to founder through life alone.  It is so much easier to face the unknown when it's together, with someone who will be with us every step of the way.

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I just joiined this site last night and was taking a break in my day today to check out these other options. This is the very first blog ive read here and I enjoyed your writing voice very much. I dont know any more about you than this sweet story about the horse, but I know that whoever you do meet will be a very lucky lady. e