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We got a Quarter Horse for training which had been raised in a Pleasure Class arena.  He's for sale because during his years of training for show he never could put his head into his work. 

We've re-trained several show horses now, and I'm beginning to see a pattern in this.  Too much time had been devoted to an impressive prance, how his head is held, how he can side pass, the condition of his coat, finding the perfect breeding for muscle tone and conformation of body.  No time was given to build on the smaller successes to help with self confidence, willingness to follow direction, or the ability to have fun on a ride.  He wears a blanket at night so his winter coat won't 'spoil' his good looks in the arena, and has to be seperated from any other horse unless he's supervised.  All for his own protection as an investment.

This horse has the "perfect" gait, but is afraid of everything around him.  An unfamiliar sound, something out of place in the environment, a strange animal, the neighbors piglets, any of these will send him into a panic where he chooses to be unmanageable. 

I feel like that sometimes.  Thankfuly it is only sometimes.  I know some people are capable of putting on their own show, and are unable to come down to earth and enjoy life outside of their comfort zone.  I've got my comfort zones too, and enough adventure to know when and where to get out of them.  This doesn't mean I'm going Swing Dancing tomorrow, I know my limitations.  I don't have enough money to fix two left feet.

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Kristin, that is quite a horse you show in the arena photo. 

How long have you been riding, and what kind of riding are you doing?  We train new horses, or those who have developed problems with their owners.  Most of the time it seems the problems start with people not understanding their horse and not showing good leadership. 

Do you participate in events? Are you able to keep your horse/horses at home?



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Sometimes we get one that hasn't been touched yet, and isn't messed up.  We like those horses, they're easy to teach good habits.  It's the one that had been through five trainers and is still unmanageable that takes time to unlearn all the hurt they've gone through.

Just like us, huh?

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Self confidence and love is all horses need to trust humans. It is a great adventure to teach them that and have enough patience to see the results. Good luck!!

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lol..I get your metaphot...I worked with troubled..neurotic barrel horses...Love thier spirit..additude..but sometimes they can be a bit much..lol