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It is amazing what you can learn about yourself from another. Even from a horse!
I tend to be a bit excitable in life. I'm sure it doesn't show all the time, because some people that see me every day comment that they just don't see what all the excitement is from for the horse I'm riding. But a horse is really keyed into their rider, all the time. Some horses tolerate the mistakes I make better than I will ever know, while some reflect what is inside of me better than I know myself.
We're working with one of these horses. The lead trainer can ride her and she is tolerably calm for the whole ride. When I get on there is a lack of confidence between horse and rider that I just was not able to understand. It turns out that I was too excited, too insistent in commands, too ready to "make" her calm down, when it was my impatience that caused the excitement.
Something to work on, soft hands with patience and leadership are better than pushing a horse (or a person) to do what you want.
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haven't ridden in years, and it's about bonding with the animal without controlling the animal.
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Great observation!!! Truth of the matter is if you have to push/strong arm anything it probably isn't meant for you anyway.  This can turn into years of compounded fear, frustration and disappointment.  Being anxious only expedites the realization that the only thing we can control is our perception, actions and reactions.  Once you learn to practice patience life is so much easier.  XOXOXOX SafeNewFriend

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This gives me insight to how a horse's mind works :)