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make it work

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I was given a horse last month to take on a two week wilderness trip.  With this came a saddle, which turns out to be worth as much as the horse.  The only catch is that this saddle has sat dormant for four years, and has to be reconditioned.

Step one, additional hardware to complete the saddle.

Step two, take the entire saddle apart so each major piece can be cleaned, oiled and waxed.

Step three, put it all together again so the saddle is useable for a new purpose.

This isn't too far from what we go through, when after divorce one has to look at the foundations of our lives and rebuild what remains.  In the process of peeling back our layers, cleaning and reconditioning our heart and life, we make ourselves ready for that new beginning. 

This saddle has a two week trail ride in it's future, and a lifetime of use helping to train new horses at the ranch.  I have a new life ahead of me too, where I can already see changes from what had been "normal" just a decade ago.  Taking apart a piece of leather is easy compared to working on the heart, but in the end it's the life ahead that will judge how well a job I do.