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Instant Coffee

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I guess these days we are used to fast food, instant coffee, instant pictures, and instant gratification.

"I want's what I want's, and I want's it now."  But in the world of relationship building things don't work out that way.

It would be so nice if "my" woman lived next door, or even in the same county.  But since I decided that I don't want to bend down for a hug any more the local pool is limited.

It would be nice if we both had the same chemestry toward each other, but then we wouldn't get to know the other person for who they are, and our relationship would only be skin deep.

In starting a friendship and life long relationship time at the beginning is my friend.  I do want to have a good foundation under the two of us so when problems come up we are prepared to weather them together.  What a thought.