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I'm in year four at school, how anyone finishes a degree in that time while living and working off campus is a mystery to me. Still, I can see the light at the end of this tunnel and will start job hunting with my new degree. My minor, graphic media and print production, brought me to a technical writing course this semester.
One of our projects was a Request For Proposals, in which our teams were to create a proposal for a "friendship app" to pitch. During research I found a Harvard Gazette article written by a team of students which highlights the problems we face in making friends. Our self perception.
We look at others and presume those we see have an easy time making friends. I suppose we base that feeling on our reflections of time spent at home wanting to do something with someone else, but doing homework, dishes, laundry, raising kids. We don't recognize how others are affected in the same ways, doing the things necessary to make this life work for themselves. Nearly half of us think the people we see in daily life have more friends than we do, while the other half is split 3 to 2 thinking they have more friends than their peers or just the same.
A few of us like to go out of our way to send a genuine hello and reply to those who had said hi. After all, having friends is an important part of shaping our perception of well being.

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