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36, Woman | Los Angeles, California, USA

sit somewhere for a coffee have a good conversation get to know each other better . business minded and how we will live our life after marriage and make our lives more comfortable this is my wish . i
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24, Man | Anaheim, California, USA

Hey I would love to get to know you. I don't have a membership so I cant message you but I think this will work. I think we would have a lot in common and I know you are a gamer please add my Discord Don#1313 we can chat <3
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20, Man | Waffle House, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Honestly, I'll be nervous as Hell. I've never dated before, and still exploring my sexuality. Romance has honestly been terrifying to me, but I'm willing to give it a shot and be vulnerable. Ideally, I'd like a first date at a low budget place, so we wouldn't have to worry about a bill or the quality of food. And I'd just like to chat and see what you're like a little bit. However much you share about yourself, I'll return.
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62, Man | the beach at sunset, Darien, Connecticut, USA

Coffee or a drink - getting to know one another . . .
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42, Woman | Gta, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

Cafe,restaurant, park, whatever
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20, Man | MEX

i would take you out for coffee then drive out to the beach or plateau above where you could look out at the city.
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57, Man | Harper Woods, Michigan, USA

Meeting for coffee, or a casual dinner.
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54, Woman | Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA

I think the first date should be quiet and relaxing so we could talk and get to know each other.
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50, Woman | Melvindale, Michigan, USA

Maybe a cup of Java... if we both still interested, we can take a walk. And let the future decide if there will be a second date. :)
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52, Man | Someplace public., Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Lets have a cup of coffee and get to know each other.
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21, Woman | Chino, California, USA

No preference just make me smile and make it memorable
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48, Man | any local mom and pop coffee shop(NO STARBUCKS), Las Vegas, ...

I would like our first date to be simple, such as going to a very comfortable coffee shop, to talk, watch people come and go, laugh at people at what they are ordering.
Any place that allows us the freedom to talk and laugh. Not a walk because then we are not facing each other, I want to look at your face and your expressions and your eyes
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26, Man | Cofefe shop, Athens, Georgia, USA

I don't mind a good sit down with a potential friend. What comes out in a conversation is what we feel like saying at the time and that is ok. We can have drinks and try to make each other laugh or vent about life's problems. I think a simple meeting that leads to wanting to learn more from each other is imperative in a first date.
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68, Man | outdoor cafe, Oceanside, California, USA

We're at an outdoor cafe, preferable away from traffic noise and shaded we have a coffee together and get acquainted, check our chemistry and a sense of humor. make it comfortable to easily leave or stay. My sole purpose:...."is she a potentially good friend?" If yes....on to dinner...... The first 3 or four dates are looking for a good friend
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28, Man | New York, New York, USA

Let's just grab coffee and see how well we hit it off; if we are meant for each other. If you are introspective, or cute join me.
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51, Man | New York, New York, USA

Let's meet @ a cafe!
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39, Man | Coffeeshop, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Can meet for coffee or tea and take a walk somewhere in public and see how the conversation goes
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50, Man | Star Bucks, White Rock, British Columbia, CAN

Hi there, a first date would be in public place so both people feel comfortable. I think the best idea would be at a local STARBUCKS. I have vehicle so I meet you at the closest one to you. I will treat you to whatever you like, hot chocolate? Coffee? My treat. We can start out as friends and see where it leads from there. I will totally respect whatever decisions you will make regarding what you may or may not want out of the relationship. Please don't worry about this. I will not continue to contact you if you tell me not to, I will not be upset. Thank you.
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64, Woman | West Yorkshire, GBR

For first date, coffee & a cake...just to see if there is a spark....

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